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Service Manager -Smail Honda Village-Greensburg, PA 15601

Mr. Profeta,

I am requesting a full refund of the $164.99 that I paid for an air conditioner repair made on May 6, 2010. This is August 17 and, after 5 visits to the service department, the problem still is not corrected.

** May 6, 2010

2006 Honda Ridgeline w/65k miles is brought in because the AC does not work. Diagnosis = a freon leak, source unknown. Freon was recharged and a fluorescent dye was added to the system to spot a future leak. Cost =$164.99

**June 29, 2010

Freon suddenly lost again. What was working fine the day before was not functional the next day. The loss of cooling was not gradual, but abrupt. Returned to dealership for repair. Mechanic was unable to find the leak despite fluorescent dye. Service reps Dean & Bill ventured that rain water rinsed away the dye. The freon was recharged and more dye added. Bill requested that I come in again at about 7-10 days to have the plumbing under the UV light to check for the leak.

**Approx July 10, 2010

I returned the Ridgeline as advised to check for the leak. The mechanic found no leak and the AC was working fine. Bill told me to observe the AC performance carefully and bring the truck in immediately if it seems to be losing cooling power so any dye at the leak would not be washed away.

** July 30, 2010

Vehicle brought in for standard 65,000 mile oil change. Mechanic also used the UV light to check for possible leaks of freon in the AC system. No leaks found. System performing normally.

**August 18, 2010

While returning home to Greensburg from Moundsville,WV on Monday 8/17, the performance of the AC system was observed to deteriorate in the space of 2 hours. When I left Moundsville, the system was pumping plenty of ice cold air. By the time I reached little Washington, I noticed that the vents were blowing cool but not cold air. By the time I got home, the system was definitely not performing and could not keep the cab cool. So I returned to Honda Service on Tuesday 8/18 at 11 a.m. as advised by the service rep. Obviously I had no appointment since I was advised to bring it in immediately if AC performance deteriorated so the fluorescent dye could be spotted in action. An hour and a half later, at 12:30 pm., after waiting in the adjacent lounge, I walked back to service to see how close to finished the mechanic might be. Imagine my surprise to find the Ridgeline, after 90 minutes of waiting, was still parked in a *** and had not even been in the garage yet. I retrieved the keys and went home as I had business to attend. I received no apology for waiting 90 minutes for nothing. I was not told when I came in that there would be a very long wait because of no appointment. I was just following Bill's advice.

So here I am, after FIVE(5) visits to analyze the problem and FIX IT, it is still dysfunctional and your mechanics have no clue as to the problem. Therefore I feel obliged to ask for my original $164.99 refunded so that I can go to another Honda dealership where I might find competent service. You have my money, but I have no AC.


Dr. John Occhuizzo

Greensburg, PA

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Good luck finding a Honda dealer who knows AC's. Your problem is probably the relay to the compressor clutch which is a common problem with Honda's.

Dealers deny ever seeing the issue, but they will sell you a $21 relay that will fix your problem. I suspect many compressors have been replaced because of this. Tell them you saw it on the internet and they will go ballistic.

How dare you know more than they do.

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