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The owner of the company has called me and apologized for the issue and has been very professional about the situation.

As far as I am concerned the issue is resolved

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On January 17th ,2012 I visited the San Tan Honda dealership in Gilbert, Arizona with my eighty year old mother to purchase either a Honda fit or the new CRV EXL for her and had an experience I will never forget.Upon arrival I was approached by the salesperson Bob which was very nice and gave us a test drive of both cars after which we decided to buy the CRV.When we came back from the test drive his manager was waiting already to greet us. I did not want to play the manager game and informed the sales person Bob that I thanked him for not playing the sales manager game where one comes after the other and tries to force the car upon you.I also informed him that I will be back the next day for a test drive with my wife which will make the final decision.After receiving the sales quote of a car with the accessories I wished, I asked him why the car was so expensive since it only had a couple of things beyond base edition.

He said that they automatically included window treatments, leather treatments, and outside protectants and a bunch of other options not requested, and that I did not have a choice but had to take these things. I do not believe this is correct, at least not in Canada as per my wife who was a director of finance for twelve years at a dealership in Quebec City Canada. Bob then tried to get a deposit of $1,500.00 for the car that would arrive in five days. I informed him that I was not interested in that.I did not say anything about these forced extras to the sales person; I figured my wife could inquire more about this the next day when we come to purchase the car.I then asked the sales person Bob for a quote for a two year lease at which time he informed me that Honda does not offer an interesting option for lease on this car, I insisted and he said no problem and went back to his sales office.After a minute or two his manager comes out of the office (the one that he already prepared for me before outside) and wanted to start to negotiate with me.

I told him I was not interested in playing the "manager game" and only wanted to deal with the sales person. He kept on insisting and I told him at least four times that I did not want to play the manager game and if he didn't stop that we would leave. I finally stood up and told him that we would leave if he didn't stop. At that point another person (I have no idea who he was or what he did) came storming out of this office and threatened me physically and grabbed me by the arm and was proceeding to throw me out of the dealership.

He kept on screaming some kind of nonsense, I do not recall what he said, I was so shocked that somebody would treat their customer in such a way. I asked him to read his name tag which he covered up. He finally removed it and his name was Ken Walsh. I asked him if he was physically threatening me as he seemed to get violent, at which point he backed off and then preceded to throw me and my eighty year old mother out of the dealership.

I tried to explain what happened to some sales persons outside which were nice and asked what happened, but I never got to tell them as this Ken Walsh came storming out of the dealership and kept on threatening me and my eighty year old mother. We then left, terrified of our treatment at that dealership. My old mother feeling ill after that shocking treatment.

Is this a customary way of treating their clients that are there to purchase a $30,000 car?

I am seriously considering going to another brand, but I am sure that there might exist Honda dealerships that treat their customers with respect and don't threaten them physically and throw them out of the dealership if they only want to deal with their sales person, not with pressuring managers. Or is this Honda's policy?

I know that I would be treated with respect at the dealership in Quebec city, do I have to go that far to purchase a Honda or can I safely do this in Arizona? Without putting me and my eighty year old mother in physical danger of their employees?

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The owner of the company has called me and apologized for the issue and has been very professional about the situation.

As far as I am concerned the issue is resolved

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