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My 2014 Honda Civic was hit on the side, only minor body damage, however, when I went to pick it up from a HONDA Collision Repair would not start. The guy said that it was b/c it sat for a month.

Charged it up, drove it home, car sat in the garage for one day and Monday morning it would not start. Got a JUMP, drove to O'Reilly who replaced it with their best battery. Drove the car for 3 weeks, left it in the garage over the weekend, care would not start the following Monday. Got a JUMP, took to O'Reilly to check the battery...battery was in excellent condition.

Took to Honda Dealer who said the diagnostics were identifiable problem. Left the car w/them -- they said car would not start for them or started slowly. They recommend a HONDA battery....they say that will resolve my problems.

NO...the initial battery was a HONDA battery, why would a new one make a difference? They still have my car but no explanations.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2014 Honda Civic Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1344912

From your symptoms, it sounds like you have a slow drain which was probably caused by the collision, minor as it was. Something in the electrical system is now "open" or "on" and is draining the battery even while the vehicle is off.

I had a similar situation a long time ago and this kind of problem is not easy to identify.

I got rid of the vehicle as it was going to cost me more to find the problem and frankly, most places nowadays haven't the ability nor the patience to search and find a problem like this. Trade the car in for a newer model or sell it to some stranger but say nothing about the problem to anyone.

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