Right now I'm not very happy with Honda . I purchased a Honda Accord in April 2005. I purchased a 100,000 mile extended warranty with $0 deductible.

I was specifically told at the time that "This warranty covers everything that is under warranty right now. It does not cover maintainence like belts, brakes and hoses but everything else is covered 100%.

I have had very good luck with the car but recently a small piece of plastic that covers the oxygen sensor wiring broke and fell off. One end had the clip gone and was broken the other was still attached but had a broken corner on it.

It should have been covered under warranty but Honda said no. They claimed it may have been hit by something that flew up from the road so the warranty didn't apply.Thats true, it may have been hit by a rock or something but what good was the warranty if it covered absolutely nothing.

The replacement part was not expensive and one Honda dealer offered to replace the part if I bought it and they would not charge labor. This was NOT the dealer I bought it from. While it was nice of them to do that, I shouldn't have had to buy the part.

If Honda doesn't stand behind their warranty I don't plan to purchase one again and probably not another Honda either. The warranty cost me in the neighborhood of $900 and was no benefit whatsoever.It's not so much the price of the repair but the principle of the whole thing.

I am close to the 100,000 mile mark so they knew it would probably be the last warranty repair I'd have. I think I was ripped off. By rights, Honda should have to refund the cost of the extended warranty since it doesn't cover anythingand I was lied to about what it would cover. I never used it at all so they were out absolutely nothing.

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The dealer that we went to had repaired the starter twice already based on service warrantly. Now, I was informed they will not honor after the third repair because they suspect "the overheated car from previous repair damaged more and affected" other wiring and electrical connections.

The overheating from the car was not from neglect. The oil was leaking frequently and was told to them frequently. It was repaired, but come to find out something else was also leaking behind the oil and gas pan etc..Then later we had to repair the starter and in the midst of its warranty period, the starter failed again. This was repaired.

Recently, this occurred again before the warranty expired and by the way after one repair of parts to another other than the starter, the cost have gotten up to about $5000. The car is a 1999 Honda Civic and had been diligently brought over to dealers for oil changes and repairs.I was an ardent believer of the Honda and after reading all the trouble with the same issue whether the car is old or new, then I will not buy another Honda brand and discourage my family to do the same.

Millry, Alabama, United States #1203971

I purchased a Honda 4 wheeler in 2014&two years later a valve droped down on the piston, It didn,t hurt the piston but they said it was all gumed up&the $550.00 dollars I paid for the car plan would not cover the breakdown because it was the type of gasoline that I was using so I paid the $600.00 plus dollars out of pocket on a Honda that was only 2 yrs. old.

This was a rubicon 4wheel drive with power steering purchased new from Honda of Laurel Ms. Needless to say I won,t be buying another Honda&Certanly not from Honda of Laurel Ms.


I suggest you don't waste your money every year on your car .National Repair Solutions is a great company. Scott was very professional and helps you with anything you need quickly.

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I had a 2010 Honda bought warranty as well was told it would cover all except routine things and wear tear items. I had electric defect and I kept getting stuck having to get jump started 7-8 times a day.

I also paid high dollar for extended warranty with 0 deductible, they however said I had to pay technician fee as well as diagnostic fee. I was like what part of ZERO do you not understand! they did nothing for me so I boycotted them. I also had issues with this $40 thousand dollar vehicle molding separating they replaced it under the bumper to bumper warranty have high miles cause military connected and it happened again within 3 months they again did nothing!

sad thing is I did research and they were rated high in consumer report if you do research on internet their CS ratings less than 5 % satisfaction should say a lot !



I bought a brand new 2010 Honda Elite 110 scooter. After driving it for a mere 7 weeks, it would not restart. I posted a Youtube video the next day to get help in pin pointing the issue before towing it to the dealer (Central Florida Powersports, Inc.). They deliberately lied and said I put the wrong size spark plug in the engine. Who is going to replace a brand new spark plug after only 7 weeks? I had the moment if stopped working captured in my employment security system! I am seen driving it moments before it failed. Yet, neither Honda nor the dealership wanted to repair it under warranty. Matter of fact, they charged me $300 just to determine that stance. I have it all posted on Youtube (2010 Honda Elite problem starting). The manager at Honda's motorcycle Div. in California says, "We are not helping you. Its over. No appeal."

I had bought the extended Honda care plan, which I cancelled after the fiasco.

By the way... the part that was causing my scooter from restarting? $45 valve which was bent. I posted this all on Youtube to make others aware. How uncaring and unprofessional HONDA Motorcycle Div has become. No support of a customer! To think I was a repeat Honda customer in the past and to now see how they treat something so trivial! Never again!

P.s. Happy Birthday to my Fellow Marines 11/10/11! Semper Fi


We bought a 2006 civic ex 4-12-2011 a Honda dealer in man asset ny 42000 on it if the block cracks and the problem happens we will go to court to make Honda fix the engine or replace it my email is buckus1995@oponline.net we won't let them get away with it thanks to every one who reported on there 2006 civic by Honda thank you everyone


I used to work at a Honda Dealership. There is huge profit in selling extended warranties for the dealership. First off, you do not need to buy an extended warranty when you buy your car. The factory warranty is 3 years or 36,000 miles. You have until the end of that warranty to buy an extended warranty no questions. Second, if you buy an extended warranty MAKE SURE it's the Honda warranty. A lot of dealers will sell non-Honda warranties and lie to the customers that its a Honda warranty. Midlands Honda in Columbia, SC is owned by PSC and sells the PSC warranty, not the Honda warranty. You need to ask point-blank if it's a warranty offered by American Honda Motor Company. If the dealerships BSs you or drags their feet in answering WALK AWAY.

Third, realize that Honda no longer uses the term "bumper-to-bumper" for warranties because it's misleading. If a salesman tells you the extended warranty is "bumper-to-bumper" and insinuates it covers "everything" HE'S LYING HIS *** OFF-WALK AWAY!

Fourth, if you've bought an extended warranty from a dealer that's not an American Honda Motor Company warranty (if it's the dealer's own warranty of from a third-party) there is huge profit motivation for them to do everything possible to not honor it. My experience is that if it's an official Honda warranty they're real good about covering the warranty.

Fifth, if you feel you've been lied to or cheated, file a complain with American Honda, the Better Business Bureau, your state's Consumer Affairs Division, the Federal Trade Commission, and even your state Attorney General. If you raise enough stink and cause them enough problem they'll cover the repair just to get you to go away.

Finally, I encourage everyone to do their homework on **ANY** dealership before you buy. **ALWAYS** arrange your financing BEFORE you go to the dealership. The F&I (finance and insurance) people at a dealership are paid by what they scam, err, sell you. They will lie to you and rip you off up and down so be on notice.

Honda Motor Company, from my experience, has always been a great company and is very customer focused. Unfortunately for them they have some really shady people who own/run the dealerships. Automotive General Managers and Sales Managers are a dime a dozen and these people have probably worked at 3,4, or 5 different dealerships covering all brands or cars. It's too bad you can't buy your car direct from the factory.

to Richard Tucson, Arizona, United States #613767

I only wish I could have read your comments BEFORE I bought my Honda Fit in 2007. I was talked into the 100K "bumper-to-bumper" warranty that was from a non-Honda company.

I ASSUMED that Honda would have this information in their computer's service records. SO, when I had engine trouble - car was missing sporadically and it wasn't the spark plugs thought they changed them all & charged me parts & labor; Honda first told me that it was my imagination, since the computer didn't tell them anything was wrong. That certainly pissed me off as a local mechanic shop had referred me to Honda since they agreed there WAS a problem but could not find it...and apparently mechanics are no longer able to open the hood & check things out for themselves. So, apparently, if the computer tells them your car is fine, it's fine!!

ha ha (sarcastic laugh). I had already spent in the vicinity of $200 to get nowhere. I missed time from work because of the car issues & got into trouble with my employer. How many times would you expect an employer to believe you're late because of "car trouble" (4 times hours late in my case-within 3 weeks)?

The 2nd visit to Honda they decided that it was my V-tech solenoid because the computer finally decided to start "talking", and it told them it was the V-tech solenoid. The part plus labor was around $600, and it didn't fix the problem. All this time they never mentioned that the warranty would/could cover these repairs. That's because they did NOT have it in their computer records under my car's VIN number.

I was an *** for ASSUMING that they were charging me only for parts/labor NOT covered by my extended warranty. By the 4th visit I found out their mechanic was using blogs on the Internet to see if other Honda owners had similar mis-firings with their Fits. That did not exactly instill a sense of confidence in my Honda dealer or their "expert" mechanics. Long story short, I finally located a pamphlet regarding my warranty & showed it to them.

They apologized & said they would call the warranty company "for me" (??) like it wasn't their responsibility to do so, and promised not to tell them the repairs had already been done. They were going to propose what repairs would be needed and see what the warranty company would cover. Well, they lied. They instead told the warranty company that the repairs had already been done.

So, all that the warranty folks - & Dobbs Honda - were willing to cover was one coil (which was the source of the car's misfiring problem all along - by the way, 2 of them failed withn 2 weeks of Honda messing around with used parts on my car. Since my car had only 55K miles on it I knew something was fishy since coils should last up to around 100K-150K miles). After a $100 deductible from the warranty company which I knew nothing about, I received - get this - a $10 credit. Period.

Am I out of luck contacting the BBB at this time?? It has been about 4 months since this fiasco happened. I appreciate any help you or others can offer. In conclusion I want all who read this to know that DOBBS HONDA OF TUCSON, ARIZONA is by far & without doubt, the WORST dealer in the country.

They ought to refund every penny to me INCLUDING all of their outrageous labor charges, for what I had to spend out of pocket on what should have been warranty repairs. Also they should replace the other 2 coils at their expense.

What do you recommend I do at this point? :( :cry :upset

to DOBBS HONDA OF TUCSON, ARIZONA Tucson, Arizona, United States #613768

I also wanted to report that they replaced my interior cabin light in my Fit and it failed after only a week!

to DOBBS HONDA OF TUCSON ARIZONA Tucson, Arizona, United States #613770

One more note...I have already written to American Honda with no response.


Well, since the O2 sensor was still functioning(they fail to work from the inside over time), It must mean the sensor was damaged from the outside. Perfectly possible, as its part of the exhaust system.

So saying that, i dont see why they would replace it for you, unless it was under good will for being a good customer.


I recently purchased a car from Honda that broke down not even a month after buying the car. The coolant wasn't getting into the car properly.

Supposedly its my fault that the car over heated. I just boughtthe car. I towed the vehicle to the dealer were it still sits. Honda extended warranty will not cover all damages because its to extensive.

Honda sold me a car that must have had issues with it. The electronics must be off because the electrically powered mirrors do not work. What kind of inspection does Honda do on there cars and why won't they own up to there obligations. The car still sits at the shop longer then I even got to drive it.

Honda extended warranty is doing there best not to pay for the damages and I'm with out a car. They won't even give me a rental car because there to busy weaseling there way out.

What do I do? I never had such bad service in my life.



Kalocsa, Bacs-Kiskun, Hungary #25876

If you agree that something probably struck the part and broke it, then you obviously should not expect the warranty to cover it. It is the same thing as a rock hitting your windshield and braking it, or running into a curb and blowing out a tire, or even someone running into your car. It's damage not a manufacturing defect.

Iowa Park, Texas, United States #16316

The extended warranty is fulfilled by HONDA CARE not by your dealership. So before signing anything make sure you read the official documentation from Honda Corporation don’t take seller’s word for it.

Also let’s say you signed and when you went home you discovered that you were mislead on your purchase. Of course the salesperson from dealership will try every way to convince you not to cancel buy saying, “You have to wait 4-6 weeks before you cancel” or “Don’t believe the internet sites they will scam you” or “Your APR will go higher” etc. Actually you don’t have to deal with him. Call Honda Care directly and request Cancellation Request form.

Once filled fax the form back to them and usually in 24 hours the contract is cancelled and the credit is sent back to the lender if the car is financed. Then you can buy Honda Care warranties at more objective price if you wish to do so.

Note the contract can be cancelled at any time. If you cancel before 60 days there are no penalties.

This testimony is from my own experience

Zagan, Lubuskie, Poland #13861

you signed the agreement your fault. Don't forget next time to read the fine print. Anything I buy, learned it the hard way, you have the right to take the contract home and read it over thourhouly before you put your signature on it.

Uwchland, Pennsylvania, United States #8472

I also bought an extended warranty, being told it would be "bumper to bumper"...the sales guy totally lied to get me to buy the warranty, now to find out it is expiring soon even though I am not at 100,000 miles yet...they do the number of months thing and you are fooled into thinking it will be literally until 100,000 miles...I don't know how these sales people sleep at night!

Hominy, Oklahoma, United States #7590

The bottom line is your SALES PERSON not honda of America lied to you. The certified warrants cover pretty much everything but do not cover everything-especially non-mechanical things.

The problem is we have sales idiots selling them as bumper-to-bumper. If you read the extended warranty contract you'd realize that.

Your salesperson lied. Dont blame Honda for an individuals lies.

Warroad, Minnesota, United States #4028

Honda should have honored its warranty. Thats how they lose customers.

With the prices they charge it wouldn't hurt them to compensate for not living up to their warranty. They could offer you some major free maintainence or a huge discount on a vehicle or something.

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