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I received THE WORST customer service experience in my life at ROUTE 22 HONDA dealership in NJ. They fooled us.

I repeat they FOOLED us. We returned the leased vehicle at the end of the term, no payments left, only 20,000 miles for 3 years. We asked for a good deal for another lease for a new vehicle. They came down to our deal, signed the contract, took the new vehicle.

We were foolish enough to not to sign the leased return that time due to fact of lack of knowledge about lease returning procedures. Then the following week, the sales person called me and ask for the title. I told him, I don't have it the bank has it. Then he claimed I thoght we owned the car.

He told me to come to the dealership to sign the lease return form and work out a new deal. I said, if you can't give me the current deal, I need my leased vehicle back,I have 2 more weeks to return the vehicle. He said yes, if you want you can take it back. He tried to fool us.

When we got there, they are telling me to pay $125 more than what we are paying now monthly. I said I don't have time to argue with you, let's cancel the deal right now and give me my returned vehicle back.

Then they are telling me ohh we alrady sold it (another sales person said honda picked it up, contradicting information). Then they told me we can't give you the same deal, you can't take the vehicle (which is We had already paid some money to them at the lease signing deal)out the premises, please arrange a ride and go home.

From now here, they treated like we were not humans. Any human being does not deserve that kind of treatment. They blocked vehicle so that we can't go home. Meanwhile we have waited about 2 hrs.

I told them very politely I have a baby at home, I don't go home now. One came up (I have the full name if anyone is interested) and claimed he was the general manager and accused me of lying while it was first time I ever saw him. How could someone accuse someone else, if they have not talked to me at all before. I saw very disappointed, I couldn't take it anymore, but cry.

All I could think was how could some one harass a person that badly for nothing, may be because I have an accent. I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted to go home to take care of the baby. It was like 10 pm at night. Finally I agreed to what they wanted us give.I had enough.

I was crying while I was signing papers. They fooled us. I wish no one has to go through what I had experience.

PLEASE, they be careful, when you deal with car sales people. All they care about is money.

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