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Well it's good to see that I'm not the one and only who has received subpar, below standard customer service from the wonderful Honda team that they claim to be. This story is true 100% true and nothing but the truth I swear on all that is good & true in the world.

I had to replace a battery only after two years of having it replaced at Honda long beach. It was under warranty and put on the list to be read placed. I was in Los Angeles that day and the battery had to be jumped twice. I didn't want to make the trek home so I went into the Honda dealership at Los Angeles.

Boy was I in for a shocking. I pull into the speedy lane for quick service... Service manager steps up and I tell him I need a new battery's dead it's under long? He says 90 minutes or plus.

I replied, could I please have it in 60 minutes as he shrugged his shoulders snd became very apprehensive about shaving 30 minutes off. Hand off my keys we walk my car for dents and scrapes, then proceed to the desk to see if the battery is under warranty. Well I call Long Beach Honda to get the information so to speed the process. Yes I guess no one at Honda knows how to use a phone.

Information retrieved and I step away. One hour passes, half past the hour, two hours pass, half past the hour, I follow up on the third hour. My car is nowhere to be seen it's not in the workshop is not in the work yard it's gone. Finally I asked the where abouts of my car to several employees who are standing around talking & smirking.

No one replies I step into the restroom to gain my composure whrn I can back my cars appeared but the battery is still not changed. I go snd sit down inside looking for signs of any work… Nothing! When I get out of the car there is some pink color goo all in the driver seat all on my pants and all of my shirt. This is what I lost it- my head almost popped off my shoulders.

I asked to speak to the person that was in the highest rank at that location after 30 minutes of asking and asking and wondering who what why and where? This is when I lost it my head almost popped off my shoulders. I asked to speak to the person that was in the highest rank at that location after 20 minutes of asking and asking and wondering and who what why and where? The GM appears he listens with ears and that's about it, I get into my car finally thank him for his time and drive off.

The trip home the car spat and splattered indifferently. When I got to the garage at my apartment I thought to look to if they put the battery in. Oh they put the battery in along with destroying elements under the hood headlights and the gas cap. They vengefully and purposely destroyed parts under the hood of my car.

II took photographs And call the GM who for three days they would let me speak. A week later,I get a hold of him I forward the photos to his email he says he's going to get back to me and he never does. I call customer service for Honda without a complaint because nothing can be done with independent own dealership. A week later I call again to file complaints I find the first complaint wasn't even documented.

There was no reference number given tie . Second complaint gets documented and I'm advices the contact the Better Business Bureau. Contact them complaint they laumch an investigations stating they were going to back me. It A month later I get a letter they back out in a longer taking the case.

Still to this day the car missed and fires incorrectly and things that they damaged are not repaired and no one has taken just do to the damages that were purposely done to my car. These are the so-called socal helpful Honda dealers!

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Honda and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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