I bought this Honda Care Service Contract 7 years ago when I got 2004 Honda Accord, stating that if I do not make any claims in these 7 years I can get my full refund back ($1795). Now August 1, 2011, I filed for the reimbusement gurantee claim from NADS, and finally waiting for 45days,

they told me their insurance is now in liquidation.

I talked with the dealer I bought the car and service contract from and they dont really care at all.

I wonder there is any hope in getting my money back.

Any suggestions from here? Thanks in advance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Honda Car.

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It is 2016 now and looks I got ripped off by the same palo alto anderson finance department


The reason why they do this because they know people won't take them to court. The suggestion is take the legal remedy, small claims court.


This guy just said that my $2000 is down the drain because I called after 1 year post expiration date. He said everyone remembered to come in within 60 days except me.

How can I know 7 years after I bought the car.

Sham!! Dishonest

Foster City, California, United States #744509

Get yourself a good car lawyer. Google car lawyer and they can sue the dealer.


Palo Alto, California, United States #614577

OMG, how do these bustards sleep at night??? I just went on Google after 7 years of waiting to see how I get reimbursed and I find all of your comments here.

I purchased my Honda Accord in February of 2006 from Anderson Honda in Palo Alto. The P.O.S. Indian car sales-man tried to sell me this service contract over and over again to me but I refused to buy so he told me he would give me the alarm and the winter package matts for free if I bought this. I should have known that this was a BS sale but I believed him when he had repeatedly had told me that I would get my money back when I pay the loan off.

I had told him that I was planning to pay off the loan in one year and I asked him again, looking into his evil eyes, that what he was telling me was that in one year when I pay off my loan I would get this money back, and he lied with a YES! After I paid my car loan in one year I went back and asked for my money back and they showed me what I had agreed to be reimbursed after the car turned 80,000 miles and it had not hit it yet. So I waited till the car's mileage hit 80,000 miles. I was there that day and they told me to send the papers needed to get reimbursed by N.A.D.S.

at 1661 Wadsworth Blvd. Lakewood, Colorado 80214

They denied my request saying that I needed to wait till Fab. Of 2013 because I had signed to do so. And now I hear this BS about them being in banckruptcy.

How do you get bankruped when you just collect or I should say steal people's money with no overhead???

These bustards are criminals and I will just go ahead with a small claim for sure. I will get my money even if I have to spend all I get in lawyer fees...

to ON #1443741

Hello i am also in same boat. Can you tell me how you went and filed a claim ?where you successful in getting your money back. I have $2400 which i was supposed to get as refund.Thanks for your help in advance.

Livingston, New Jersey, United States #593991

I purchased my Nissan Extera on 5/27/07 an I also didn't use the extended warrenty but when I sent all of my info. I too heard nothing back.

When I called them Months later I was told "they went bankrup and I would hear from them when it was settled.

Needless to say I heard nothing but when I took my nissan in for service, our great service guy told me my time is'nt. up untill 5/27/13 so I was thrilled STUPIDLY thinking I will get my refund but after going on this website I think I'll probably get screwed like you an a million other people.The last time I recieved a refund it was from HONDA at the dealership an NO PROBLEM


Is there a way that a lot of us that have purchased this warrantee can sue Honda for selling us the warrantee n now backing up there work ?


Has anyone had any resolution to this? I just turned in my papers in, I called to verify they received them and got message they were in liquidation. Just wanting to hear how things resolved...


Wiri, Auckland, New Zealand #440548

-NADS is the admin for NADC.

-NADC has been suing Interstate Indemnity Company (NADC's insurance for the Policy or the service reimbursement program)

-All motions to dismiss were granted for IIC on Nov 16, 2004. Meaning NADC has been without insurance since at least Nov 16, 2004.

-NADC filed an appeal in 2007 and failed once again due to there being no ambiguity in the contract.

-in 2010, the office of Insurance Commissioner in Washington ordered dealership to cease and desist selling Honda Care under NADC as the dealers are acting as unauthorized agents and NADC is acting as an unauthorized insurer.

Any disputes is with your dealership, they surely have been notified of all legal issues and did not notified their consumers.

my email: ctran1971@gmail.com


I purchased a Honda Accord in Dec. 2004.

I did not use the NADS Insurance Guarantee. I applied for the full refund in late December. No word or contact for 60 days. I called today and found out the company in in bankruptcy, and that the liquidation adminstrator will determine how much I get.

I think this is all total BS. I have done research on internet and found out N.A.D.S Colorado and N.A.D.S National are hiding behind one another.

NADS Colorado has been in financial trouble since early 2004, some 7 to 8 months before I purchased my car and the policy. AS the previous poster stated any dispute with the refund is between the dealership and consumer.

to LW #1443738

Hello I am also in same boat . I was unaware till yesterday when my document returned back saying company no longer exists. I have $2400 which i was supposed to get.Any chance of way to recover this money.


I am in the same boat. The dealer has not returned my many calls and NADS is only the adminstrator.

The contact states any dispute regarding this contract is between the dealer and customer. The dealer should deal with the insurance going under not me and others. Oct. 27th will be 45 days.

If I have not heard from the dealer I will file a suit in small claims court, file complaints against both Elk Grove Honda, and NADS with CA Insurance Commission, BBB, and any other groups that help the consumer.

(CA and Washington have files regarding so-called "money back guarantee" administered by NADS.) Don't let them get away with cheating you me and others that trusted the dealer. RW

to RW #589514

Did you file your suit with small claims court? I can't get a response from my Honda Dealer re.

reimbursement either.

Trying to decide what to do next.

What exactly does filing a complaint with the BBB do for you?


File a suit in a small claims court against the dealer. At least it has send a lawyer or someone to explain to the judge why the contract between you and the dealer needs to wait for his insurer; it shouldn't. It may get you a few hundred dollars just so the dealer can avoid the court appearance.

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