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Our 2008 Honda CRV have a prematurely worn out rear brake pads. While the front pads are still 80% left, the rear ones were totally gone and damaged the rotor.

The dealer where I fixed the brakes immediately connected this to the Accord settlement Honda has (http://accordsettlement.com/). After reading the details of the settlement, I believe this applies to my case as well. But unfortunately Honda's customer service declined it. But what else could have caused the premature wear out of the rear break with 23000 miles?

How can they explain that the front pads (all original) still have 80% left? I believe Honda used the same defective materials that they used in the Accord.

Hopefully more complaints will be logged from CRV drivers to bring this to their attention. No matter what, after have three defective Hondas, this will be the last Honda in our family!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Honda Customer Care.

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2016 Honda crv with under 16,000 miles needs rear brakes, rotors, and two front tires. This is very costly and frustrating.

My last Honda!!!!!!!! I agree something needs to be done about this problem!


Replaced my rear pads at 105km due to uneven wear on driver side. Checked calipers OK.

Same thing now at 147km while front pads were changed once just recently and still look like new. To recoup my 2008 CRV experience (bought brand new): 1. Allignment issue from start and *** original tires - Honda would not aknowledge any fault on their side. I did alignment at the local reputable shop and no problems ever since.

2. Door locks fixed twice, second time at my expense as Honda refused. Now another one is starting to act up - I won't even bother calling Honda as the second time it happened they said it's past the warranty period (it was extended for door locks - clear evidence that there was a problem) 3. Rear brakes premature wear - clearly a design issue as front has no problems.

I used to have 2 civic hatchbacks (1987 and 1994) and I would swear by them and by Honda.

Things changed... Decision made - no Honda in my future!

to Marek #1567771

Forgot about the 4th issue: AC clutch - I refused to payalmost $1k to have it repaired. Cleaned and adjusted the clutch myself after watching some youtube videos. So far so good!


2013 Honda CR-V AWD with 39K miles. The rear outside brake pads were completely worn out and damaged the rotors. The front brake pads are still having at least 70%.


The same thing just happened to me! 2015 crv with 22,000 miles.

Front breaks are 80% and rear pads are 1 and 4mm safety hazard.

Now I need new back rotor and pads. Very frustrating

Mohegan Lake, New York, United States #1352655

I bought a 2016 Honda CR-V with 10000 miles on it, the rear brake rotors are worn out unevenly causing a constant thumping sound when braking. This happened to my 2009 accord that was part of a recall.

I am hoping that Honda will replace for free. This is not normal for rear brake rotor/ pads to wear before the front brake rotor/ pads.

Beckley, West Virginia, United States #1275069

My sister has a 2014 crv with 34000 miles on it. Her rear rotor and pads needed replaced at 17000 and it's grinding sgain.

The dealership said it was due to corrosion and not covered under warranty $400 for honda parts or $300 for after market. Needless to say she bought the parts herself and had a different op fix it. He said he had never seen just one side wear out and the other looks new..

so this is two rotors and pads in less than 3 years. Honda better step up and admit there is a problem or a class action lawsuit may be the answer.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada #1206502

The problem continues with the newer models Accord as well, My 2014 Accord Coupe at 30,000 kl rear brake pads are worn out and squeeking. My car is standard transmission so I rarely use my brakes in an aggressive way.

I always gear down.

Ive taken my car in to the dealer but they refused. I am now trying to get Honda Customer service to address this matter.


I have a 2012 Honda CRV with 76,000 miles on it (I drive a lot for work). I have pumped more than $1000 into it since November 2015 to replace the rear brakes.

This last set lasted me 3 weeks and now they are not only charging me another $400 for calipers (which is down from the original $1200 they originally quoted), they are telling me that they have never seen this problem before, they really don't know how to fix it and hopefully they get it right this time. Needless to say, there will NEVER be another Honda purchased by me or my family ever again.

Lewiston, Maine, United States #1081170

I have a crv that has a problem with the outside pad wearing down well before the inside, causing damage to the router.


I'm sitting here now at the dealers having my rear brakes and rotors replaced on my 2011 honda CrV. Front brakes are fine rear are beyond shot.needless to say I'm shocked.

First time in 40 years of driving I own a car that blew out the rear brakes first! Last Honda for me

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #1002014

2012 crv 7,930 miles rear brake pads need replaced. They said because I don't drive much the pin froze in rear brake pad.


2012 Honda CRV with 7,902 miles on it. Went for oil change and tire rotation and told rear pads need replacing because I have not driven car very much, this caused pins in rear brakes to freeze up and rear pads are being constantly used even though I am not applying the brakes.


2013 CRV with 25k new pads and rotors on the rear, drivers side wore down to nothing, more than 50% on the passenger side. My mechanic says he's done rear brakes on CRV's with as little as 10k.

Interesting that when I bring it to the dealer for an oil change, they're always trying to say the car needs a brake service done, lube the slides, clean the pins, etc to the tune of $200. That tells me there's a problem.....

Naples, Florida, United States #956966

Same issue with our 2012 & 2013 crv, low mileage (22000). Anyone have any luck going through Honda USA?

to UnhappyHondaMom #1009704

At 30000 miles my rear routers are completely shot and mechanic says the front is excellent. I was at Honda less than 4k miles ago and they suggested 4 wheel alignment and mentioned nothing else.

whats going on Honda?

I'm not the only one. ???????

to UnhappyHondaMom #1398045

my 2014 Honda crv rear brakes are like new on inside and worn 85% on outside at 30,000 miles. I feel Honda should take care of this problem.

I have worked on cars and trucks for 50 years and never seen problems this bad.

I pulled my back brakes apart everything lubed and operating freely but pads are wearing 85% more on the outside. Honda NEEDS to FIX this PROBLEM befor it KILLS someone.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #927890

I had the same feedback from the dealership I took for oil change when it was at around 40k.

Mine is a 08 CRV.

Not sure if its the build of the vehicle or the materials used.

Dealer suggests to replace with OEM brakes and rotors, which is gonna cost me $400+.

L'orignal, Ontario, Canada #911937

I had the same problem with my 2011 crv rear brakes were finish at 32000 k no warranty had to the repairs bought my truck new in 2012


It happened to my 2011 CR-V too.

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