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Certified Honda

What are the specific requirements for a certified Honda?


My Acura Tl

Do y'all do tune ups on my Acura TL


limp mode

my 2003 Honda civic ex (1.7L v-tec) is in limp mode how do i correctly troublesoot the problem and possibly get advice on how to get it out of limp mode.



I was told that tap AUX unti I found Bluetooth . The GPS worked but I wad told I could not use my radio Is there a way around that


Buzzing sound while cranking

I own a number of Honda vehicles and the problem with my 2003 Accord is that I hear a buzzing sound while cranking and the car doesn't start. Car does start if the key is turned quickly and pushed hard toward cranking position.

I wonder if this is a ignition switch problem.

Please also advise if there is a recall for this ignition switch. Thanks


Why does my 2011 Honda Civic Key heats up when driving the car?

2011 honda civic key heats up to the point you cannot touch the metal part when pulled out of the ignition switch. Only happens after driving the car for a short while.

Honda Dealer says no clue, but to look at it a minimum of $110.00 Parts and labor after will be more. Any suggestions?


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