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I currently own a 2003 Honda Accord; I recently took in my car for service on Tuesday September 3, 2013. I was advised by the service adviser Kerry Packard that the vehicle had a head gasket leak and spool valve gasket leak, along with damage in the air intake tube that needed to be replaced. I advised the service adviser of some issues with the vehicle in performance as far as acceleration. I also advised her that there are no warning lights on the dash indicating problem with the vehicle. I then went in person later that day no work was completed on the car and since it was late afternoon, I took the vehicle home until the next day. I then noticed that the ABS light was constantly on, I advised the adviser of the problem since I dropped the car off without any problems with the abs. The adviser stated her mechanic stated otherwise.

I left my vehicle on that day and had the repair done for the Valve Cover Gasket, the spool valve cover gasket, and the air intake assembly costing a total of $567.27.

When I picked up my vehicle on September 5, 2013, I was advised that it will be another $280.00 to fix the abs problem. I believe this dealership intentionally cause damaged to my vehicle specifically the ABS Sensors in order to get more money from me, and also I still continue with the leak of the Valve Cover Gasket and Spool Valve Gasket two days later September 7, 2013.

INVOICE # 2377179

September 18, 2013

In response to the following, my vehicle continues with a leak coming from the Valve Cover Gasket and the Spool Gasket behind the engine. Since this dealership never believes its customers, I’ve included pictures of the current leaks and oil stains coming from the vehicle. I also included a picture of the top bolt that was damaged at the dealership. The mechanics are did a horrible job and I will never take the Honda Accord or any vehicle I own to this dealership. Let me just explain on my experience so far.

On March 31, 2010 (Invoice # 135469) I took my vehicle for a standard oil change a 2008 Honda Pilot. When I arrived at the dealership service department to drop off the car, service advisor George Chatzopoulo while sitting on his desk stated to while my vehicle was turned on by an employee “Did You Hear That” and he stated that the AC compressor was going bad on the vehicle (car is only 2 years old). He later called me that day and told me that the replacement of the AC compressor was included with the warranty and that I was only responsible for the replacement of the serpentine belt which was $150.00. I declined the work and to this date the AC works perfectly with no problems.

On March 25, 2013, I took my vehicle 2008 Honda Pilot (Invoice # 222729) for a leak coming out from the axle seal. The work was completed and they did a good job on this time, but they also damaged my steering wheel in the process of the work. I advised the service advisor and they denied the damage. The following day I noticed there was oil under my vehicle; the transmission drain bolt was left loose. I then returned the vehicle to the dealership and they added more transmission fluid.

I was in the process of purchasing another vehicle, but for right now I will steer away from Honda, this decision is based on my experiences especially with Metro Honda. I don’t know if they are simply careless or they done stuff intentionally to keep coming back for additional charges. Since they stated that work is guaranteed at any Honda I will try a different one. But this will be my last.

Additional pictures of the leaks and damage http://www.flickr.com/photos/53306833@N05/

On August 24, 2013, at 0757 hrs, I took my Honda Accord to Route 22 Honda in hillside, NJ. While dropping off the vehicle at the service department the service manager Victor Olivery stated that they will not cover the warranty on the improper installation of the gasket. There was two leaks coming out from the corners of the gasket and the bolt is broken from the valve cover.

The valve cover gasket was not installed properly by technician and the bolt was damaged.

I'm sorry but I'm very dissatisfied with my experience so far with Honda. I always liked Hondas and mostly every vehicle I owned was a Honda because they are very efficient. I even started shopping or a new Honda accord that I was planning on purchasing for my wife this January 2014 at open road Honda in Edison, NJ. But for right now I will expand my search to other vehicles. Metro Honda has horrible customer service and the trust issue is very important to me, trust and customer care. As I stated before I'm afraid to take the car back to the Metro Honda, I think they will intentionally cause damage to it and I won't find out until months later. I would have taken it to another dealership but they said they won't honor the warranty, so the only option I have is to post my experience in local forums, take the lost, I will have the vehicle repaired at another local shop.

You have truly lost me as a customer.

INVOICE # 2377179

Metro Honda

540 Route 440 North

Jersey City, NJ 07305



Product or Service Mentioned: Honda Car.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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get a *** volvo dude.

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