I own a 2009 Accord V-6(bought it brand new) and I have had it serviced at the dealership where I purchased it. After replacing the timing belt at 106,000 miles the car has not run the same. I have had it back at the dealer three different times for a misfire and rough...
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2017 Honda Pilot Elite purchased 12/18/17 apx 7,000 mi. When placing my vehicle the dealer drove into the post that supports the lifting device. The left front fender was damaged and the left front tire ripped open. The dealer repaired the damage and replaced the left...
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I contacted Honda Like Pissed Consumer asked and he stated that there are no battery issues and that he cannot help and that I should contact the dealership. I had already told him that we had contacted the dealership and this issue was not fixed the other 2-3 times I...
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2014 Honda Civic Hybrid...This person is not upset about customer service. We are having the same issue and the HONDA DEALERSHIP in TULSA stated does your son not know how to drive a Hybrid. I have called them had it in the shop 3 times they fixed stuff but not the...
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I have a nice car 2018 Honda Clarity plug in hybrid that works well but the app and the customer service for the app is the worst I have ever encountered. I have the app on iphone 6 and Iphone x and an Ipad air 2 with the latest IOS versions on all of my devices. The...
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Took my car in for 3 issues 24JUN. After bringing in at 8 am I was contacted at 3pm and advised it was too late to complete anything. I asked for at least my tire issue to resolved. I was advised it was fixed. On 26JUN 0715 my tire was completely flat and the sensor...
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I have a 2008 Honda I only have 33,000 miles on it. It is in the garage when not being used. I started to smell gas in my garage and toke it to Bill Summer Ford they said that I was not on the extended warranty because I purchased the car on the 1-4 -2008. And also...
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2005 Honda Accord

I love my 2005 Accord it has been a reliable car but acceleration is a bit shitty especially with a 2.5 L v6 VTEC engine. I get about 9 sec to 60. I wish Honda would improve their cars accelerations to a more decent timing.
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Contacted Honda about push to start problem I am having with my 2013 Honda accord EX-L. Would probably not complained but saw several complaints about same make and model when I googled what could be wrong with my car. I only have 38000 miles on this car. Called my...
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Filed a complaint with honda after I googled the problem and found several complaints of same problem of same make, year and model. Only 38,000 miles and the push to start only sporadically. Referred back to dealer where I will be charged $110 for a diagnostic test....
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