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Our vehicle is at the body shop. They just completed repair of it. It suddenly accelerated while I was parking it and ran through a storefront window! Everyone was ok but I shudder to think if there would have been people in the dentist office at the time. Once the vehicle was stopped by the building I could hear a loud revving of the engine. I turned off the vehicle stunned.

We sent a certified letter to Honda Motor asking them to get the black box data off of the vehicle while it was being repaired. Once the body work was done they drove it to the dealership and a regional manager came and performed a safety check, the details of which we have not been given, and told us our vehicle is "fine".

Currently it sits at the body shop as we know it is NOT fine and will not put our children at risk. My husband talked with someone in consumer affairs in California and he continued to tell us it was fine and that the service receipt should be sufficient for us to consider it safe. My husband remained calm throughout and ultimately was hung up on when he asked to speak to his manager

Monetary Loss: $42000.

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I have had my 2012 odyssey touring accelerate twice on its own while I was driving. I took my foot off the accelerator to gradually slow down and the car continued to accelerae forward as if the cruise control was on.

I wondered if it had anything to do with the cruise control malfunctioning? It’s scary!


I'm having the same issue. I was getting on highway and my van accelerated on its own.

I was standing on the brakes and still going 65. I finally got it to 40 and drove off the side of the highway and threw it in park. It was very scary. My youngest son was with me.

I'm glad we weren't injured or anyone else.

No seems to know what could have happened, but I don't feel it's safe to drive. Please help!


We have a 2003 Odyssey and have just started experiencing the same problem. It has happened while stopped at lights.

The engine will start revving to about 2k and I have to press really hard on the brake to keep it from lurching or bucking. The other option is to put it into neutral. The second I take my foot off of the brake (if it is in gear) it will accelerate up to 20 mph or so without my touching the gas pedal. The problem is sporadic and when we took it to a mechanic, he could not replicate the problem.

Since it felt just the same as when cruise control reengages to accelerate, my husband started experimenting with the c/c. He found when it was "on" but not activated, the issue would periodically happen. But after he turned it "off" it didn't happen for months. Until he switched it "on" again.

Once again, it stopped happening after he turned it "off", but only after the whole vehicle had been shut off and restarted. He hasn't yet taken back to the mechanic since he discovered the c/c connection.

We have been really lucky in that we haven't been in an accident.

We also were ever so fortunate to have been a part of the "secret recall" with the transmission. It has been 6 years, but I think it had to do with a 700 code. The vehicle wasn't able to go up hills.

Kind of the opposite problem from the lurching. After I found out about the "secret recall" (as in mechanics can't tell you about it, but if you find out on your own, you may get help from Honda) I began negotiation with Honda.

Basically, they held our vehicle hostage by stalling for three weeks, but they ended up covering about $3,800 of the $4,200 repair. At first they denied they were responsible for any of it because it was out of warranty, but I persevered.

to Anonymous #1553949

i have had the same happen to me, twice. it has cost me about 4000.00 in repairs.

my question to you is. i drive with my cruise control on but not engaged. is this the problem?

has this happened to you if the cruise is not engaged. have you confirmed with honda that this is the problem.


Of critical importance are the findings of embedded systems expert Michael Barr. His research indicates software bugs exist in Toyota's electronic throttle control which show shoddy design.

NASA physicist Henning Leidecker is equally concerned about the electronics in Toyota vehicles, particularly 2002-2006 Camrys. He indicates the risk of sudden unintended acceleration increases with time. Dr. Ron Belt, a retired electronics engineer, believes the Toyota SUA events unexplained by the above phenomena may be caused by negative voltage spikes on battery supply lines.

By expert engineer admission, the NHTSA investigations into Toyota SUA were flawed for a number of reasons.

Floor mats and sticky accelerator pedals do not begin to account for all the episodes of Toyota SUA. Suffice it to say, Toyota current and potential owners have reason for concern!

San Bruno, California, United States #740872

I was hit by someone in an Odyssey. He claimed the same thing happened to him.

What was strange is that he hit me after we were both stopped at a light. Then suddenly, he shot forward and hit me.

I thought the guy was just an *** messing with his phone or something and thought the light changed. But now I think I am believing his story.


My event happened after I came to full stop (2012 Touring, Silver) I bolted forward three times hitting the car in front of me but not that hard. Of course Honda found nothing wrong.

I won't get in that car again. I am talking to lawyers.


How has this turned out so far? This recently happened to me and it is real.

Unintended acceleration is real. My foot was on the brake at a stop light. The car lurched forward I slammed the brake harder, it lurched again. It hit the car in front of me.

Thank goodness no one was hurt. The service person was evasive and I don't want to get back into that car.


Oh gosh Carrie. I have a touring elite I got new but it is the same color as yours.

My event also happened on a right turn. This is the third time someone who has experienced this has been making a right turn when it happens. Very odd. I am sure this has something to do with it.

Wow. Thanks for posting!

Brooklyn, New York, United States #719742

This brings back horrible memories. The police and insurance adjuster said I fat footed the car.

it happen so fast. I was turning right in the ballet drop off lane when it happened. Car tooken to deeler but they find nothing wrong. Consumer Affairs was no help.

Car was stolen from their lot that afternoon. Security camera did not catch it.

HUH!!! I hope you did not get my gray LX.

Mokena, Illinois, United States #718888

My life partner :roll and I experienced two sudden unintended acceleration :eek events with our '13 Odyssey; each one of us about a month apart. :x I hit a metal fence the last time while parking. :sigh The steering wheel locked and the engine reeved like out of control. I was so scared. :cry The local Honda dealership contacted a Honda corporate regional manager who did a field test but found no material defects or workmanship issues. They said Honda America Corporate said there was nothing left to do. They kept implying that we did it - accident or on purpose - but not accepting their van was at issue. :( We are not car techy people, nor gamblers, and did not feel safe driving a Honda. Nor a Toyota or Lexus after their lawsuit. We did not accept their Honda corporate findings that our car was all okay. "Trust us" I kept hearing in my mind. :? The second time happened to me, and that was that, :( so now we are now the proud owners of a Mercedes GL450. :)

Good Luck and God Bless.


to Dr Louise Vogel #719013

We are in the process of obtaining legal representation. My husband is a car techy person and what you describe is classic to sudden unintended acceleration.

Losing control of your steering and it locking up is one of the classic symptoms as well as the engine revving. We are getting the same run around as you and some person from Honda American came and did the standard evaluation, the details of which were not disclosed, and our receipt said no defects in materials or workmanship. WTH? What happened to your vehicle?

I am glad you are now driving a safe vehicle. We cannot afford to replace ours so we are fighting this tooth and nail.

We also have a surveillance video of our accident that shows our brake lights on and the steering locked up as my wheel was turning to park and it continued to stay turned when the event occurred. I am just so thankful no one got hurt but if this keeps up someone surely will.

to pbengel #894076

We sold the car so it is out their folks in Kansas. BEWARE.

Every time I see an odyssey on the road I think about it. Each time my son hears an engine rev entering a highway he flashes back. We tried to get legal representation but no one will touch it unless someone was dismembered or died as it is not cost effective. A person whom was involved in the Toyota case of unintended acceleration said Honda is next on the list to have the suit brought but they need more people to start the suit.

Of course that means people who have lost body parts or family members as that is what will cause the auto makers to have to acknowledge that this exists.

I have saved the video from the security camera as evidence and also know the vin of my odyssey. Sadly it is now someone else's death van.

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