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RE: Product: 2010 HONDA

RANCHER VIN: 1HFTE3404A4300893

Case# M012011-07-2200793

ID# T14915

Unfair Denial of Warranty

Purchase date: 10/22/2011

On 7/16/2011 the transmission locked up, less than 9-months after purchased. I took it to Donelson Cycles in St. Ann, MO to be repaired since it was still under warranty.

I was told by the service manager that their Honda Rep denied any warranty assistance. I then called Honda Customer Support and was told they would investigate further and get back with ne within a couple days.

On 7/27/2011 I received a call from Honda Customer Support and was told Honda

Warranty assistance was denied because I used an aftermarket oil filter.

Being a loyal Honda consumer for many years, I was very disappointed and surprised at their decision to deny any repair assistance.

This is a direct violation of the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act.

Not only have I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission and Ripoff Report, but have consulted with an attorney and will move forward with legal action if this is not resolved within a timely manner.

The total repair estimate is $1,281.10.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Honda denied my warranty claim due to water damage. I had no idea that you can't drive in the rain without voiding the extended warranty. (I also had a 420TRX - 2013) $800 in damage to the ECM.


Honda is the best motor vehicle company out there! I have worked for all of the motorcycle dealerships and Honda has the best warranty in the business. Different dealerships may not all be great but remember, you get more help by being nice and decent to people than by threatening to sue and throwing fits.


My husband purchased a 2010 Honda Rancher 4*4 in May of 2011 and less than 3 months after purchase, the front 4 wheel drive boot busted. This was replaced by warranty with no problems.

My husband rode the atv twice more and the starter completely locked up. Replaced with no problems. The first time he got to ride it after the starter was replaced, the piston was thrown and the engine had to be completely rebuilt because the dealer did not attach the hose that connects to the air filter box from the motor. Even though it was the mechanic's fault, the dealership said it was not covered under our extended bumper to bumper warranty and we ended up paying for half of the repair price which was 1500.00.

Now that he has gotten the atv back from the dealership, the clutch is messed up and the dealership told him to run the bike into a tree and fix the clutch himself. This is absolutely ridiculous and I would love to know how we can get restitution to replace the money or the atv.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. All of the lemon lawyers we have contacted, states that it's not a car and would cost too much to go after.


I bought a brand new 2010 Honda Elite scooter this year (Easter weekend). Drove it for 7 weeks and it failed to restart.

(YouTube Video: 2010 Honda Elite problem starting). The dealer I bought it from claimed "I" damaged the motor by putting in the wrong size spark plug. A deliberate lie. I have it all on video!

Besides, who removes a spark plug from a new scooter after only 7 weeks??? The dealership charged me $80 to drop it off, then $100/hr to break down the engine to see if it would be covered under warranty and would I agree. Would I agree?? Its a brand new scooter and I had it towed to them!

Of course I would agree. Fix it, under warranty and give me a working product. They called HONDA and was told it was not covered under warranty and that I voided the warranty. Total rip off!

Total scam. Total fraud.

Criminal behavior to say the lease! (Central Florida Powersports, Inc.)


My dad bought a 2011 Honda Rancher 500 4x4 . It has been at dealership for four weeks as of 10/19/2011 .

The welds that hold the rear rack on are defective and broken. Honda denied warranty pics dealership send them. Called them today and said they would send there rep if he would like, but since he covers 4 states would likely be upto. 4 more weeks before a decision or we could pick it up and fix it ourselves.

This atv has less than 100 hrs and driven by a 63 year old man. Apparently Honda doesnt stand behind there product anymore.

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