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2000 Honda Accord is about to get 5th transmission. Yeah, 5th.

4th was put in one month ago. A Honda, rebuilt at over $3000 by Honda approved repair shop. Drive away but something isn't right. Call 2 days later.

Honda selling dealer in Tenn. doesn't believe there is a problem. Requires I take it to Honda Dealer. Closest 1 1/2 hours away.

My cost for diagnostic. 3 hours later-Conclusion transmission needs to be replaced again. "Oh, we forgot to tell you. Labor is not part of the warranty and we charge $90/hour.

Oh, and you have a trailer hitch on your car. We're not saying that caused it but..."(I tow a light utility trailer to get mower serviced. Hey it was the reverse gear that went. I don't tow in reverse anyway.) "Oh, and you have this problem here.

We're not saying that caused it but...."That problem was found by the Honda repair shop they don't trust to diagnose a bad transmission. I asked for it to be fixed but was told it didn't need fixing yet.

OK, I get the message. My car needs 5 transmissions, and it is my fault.

I need to pay the labor 2 times. Next time buy a Ford.

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